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Do you want more from life but have no idea where to start? 


Or, do you know exactly what you want but you  lack the confidence & self belief you need to make change happen?

Or maybe you're worried that you don’t have a fancy education, the skills, or money to pursue a better, more fulfilling, abundant life....

Hey, I'm Hayley!   Certified Life Coach &  Podcast host at   Mindset, Mess & Magic 

And I help empower women just like you to develop the confidence you need to reach your goals & create a life you love.

ready to change your life?! Let's work together...


Step out of your comfort zone to create a life you love... 


"I can’t recommend Hayley highly enough. From the weekly coaching sessions, to the progress

check ins and the continuous support and encouragement. Hayley really helped me find my courage to embark on a new path, and her genuine love and interest to support women in their ventures is amazing!"


Power Hour

For a quick dose of clarity, perspective

and direction to help kick start your life

Mentorship Program

a bespoke 1:1 program designed to grow your mindset, self belief

& confidence and to give you all the tools you need to reach your goals

 Podcast Out Now! 

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