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New Workshop! 10 Steps To Self Empowerment 💛

For the longest time I have wanted to create an event that was intimate enough to provide direct impact to anyone attending whilst creating a feeling of community for those who are feeling somewhat isolated on their self development journey. After all, when you decide to make changes in your, to seek out something new, something more, not everyone in your life will "get it"! And there is power in proximity, so being around other women who are all on the same inspired mission as you to create changes will only boost your confidence to take action.

So I am beyond thrilled to announce my first in person workshop at the end of this month, held at the beautuful No.77 Restaurant & Bar in Caxton, Cambridge. It's worth mentioning that the restaurant itself is closed, so we have the space all to ourselves. However, drinks & refreshments will be available and there's plenty of free parking... right, now to the good stuff!

The workshop has been based around my new free guide, which you can get your hands on here And we'll be discussing and working through tips & techniques on the following topics:

💫 How to gain clarity on your goals & dreams

💫 How to select habits, beliefs, thoughts & actions that serve you

💫 How to deal with sabotaging beliefs & actions

💫 All things self love, self compassion and self belief!

💫 Tools to develop a growth mindset, set boundaries & step out of your comfort zone

And undoubtedly lots more as the evening unfolds!

A peek inside of No.77, where the workshop is being held

This Empowerment Workshop is designed to help get you unstuck, take control of your life and dreams and give you the tools to feel confident and liberated along the journey. There are now 9 spaces available (one slot has already sold!) specifically for women who are looking to create big shifts in their life and are ready to switch out their self doubt & self sabotage for self belief, self compassion & the confidence to step out of their comfort zones and create something new for themselves.

This workshop is definitely for you if:

💫 You’ve got goals & dreams but have lacked the self belief, confidence or know how to take aligned action

💫 You've tried lots of things to make changes but nothing seems to stick or you give up half way through

💫 You’re feeling stuck, lost or frustrated in life because you know you have more to offer

💫 You're curious about creating a new life but don't know where to start

Even if you're simply curious about creating changes, this could be just the experience you need to reconnect with yourself and find the inspiration you're looking for to take aligned action along with tips & techniques to support you on your journey. It’s also a great opportunity to connect with other women who are walking a similar path, remember, there is power in proximity!

Again, there are now only 9 spaces available, so if you’re reading this and thinking “Holy smokes, that’s exactly what I need right now!!!”

Then don’t hang about, I don’t want those who need this most to miss out!

Secure your spot here and as always, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have.

I can't wait to see you there!

Hayley x

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