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How Do You Know If You Need A Life Coach?! 7 Signs You’re Ready To Work With Me

So you think you need a life coach huh?! I mean, I hope that’s not too presumptuous, you’re reading this after all!! And if that’s where you’re at, I’m sure you have a tonne of questions….


  1. What exactly is a life coach?

  2. How can you help me?

  3. What does coaching look like?

  4. And how do I know it’s time to invest in one??

To answer the first 3 questions super quick…. A life coach is some who helps you improve and scale certain areas of your life, using a variety of techniques specific to that coach, their practises and your unique goals. This looks different, for each coach & client, but for myself, I predominantly work with women who are looking to create change in their life and have lacked the confidence, self belief & encouragement to do so. I help give my clients the tools they need to cultivate this self belief, work through unhelpful stories & beliefs that they’ve developed over the years and we work together to create new stories and beliefs that support their goals and dreams. This involves a lot of mindset work along with cultivating healthy habits that support the changes they make. I prefer to do work with my clients in person, but I also offer online coaching when distance is an issue

And if you’re still reading, there’s a really good chance that coaching might be useful for you. But if you’re looking for some really tangible “Holy sh*t thats me!!” Kinda signs, then here are 7 common signs you need a life coach in your… well… life!!

Feeling stuck is the worst. You’re not sure what you want, but you know it’s not what you have and you can’t quite figure out why or how to change it. It’s like Groundhog Day, on a mediocre day. You know that you could have more, or be more, yet you also know that your actions are probably not in alignment with the kind of life you really want, but change is really hard and where do you even start….?!

This is a super common one for my clients, the struggle to find time to create change or stay consistent with the effort you put in to reaching your goals, is real!! Juggling work, a side hustle, maybe kids too and then on top of all that, creating time for yourself and your goals can be and feel challenging. And if this sounds like you then I’d also recommend checking out episode 3 of the podcast Mindset, Mess & Magic where I give you 5 ways to create more time - or more accurately, make better use of the time you have!

And if its self belief you’re lacking in, if you’re doubting your abilities or imposter syndrome is getting the better of you then it’s DEFINITELY time to hire a coach that specialises in this area ( I happen to know one, give me a shout 😉)

You know that giddy “New Year New Me!” kinda feeling? You get all excited because THIS year is going to be the year you finally start the book / apply for the dream job / prioritise your health / learn Italian / create a side hustle….. but then you’re 3 weeks into January eating pizza for breakfast after waking up 2 hours late and you’ve barley looked at your CV since January 4th and you’d LOVE to start writing that book, of course you would but you've just been so busy….. yeah, that.

Decide you deserve more and you can have more.

Change is hard. Maintaining change is even harder. And where do you even start?? It’s super common to get caught up in overwhelm, even when you feel ready to make changes. There’s a reason for them saying “old habits die hard” !!

And more than that, we can sometimes get caught up in being busy, but not productive. Working with a coach helps give you clarity and accountability whilst helping you break down all the steps you need to reach your goals. Taking the overwhelm out of change and creating a path forward. Hooray!

Sound familiar?! Whenever I’m maxed out on free content and I'm still stuck, that’s when I know it’s time to hire a pro!! Free content is amazing, and we are so privileged to have access to so much free information & resources from so many talented and inspiring people.

But here’s the thing…. Free content will only ever take you so far, so you can download all the free “How To” guides and save all the great tips & tricks you stumble across in that folder you never look at on instagram (you know the folder I’m talking about, right?!) but being able to implement these things on your own is not always as easy as it sounds!! Free resources targeted towards the masses will never be able to compare to working 1 on 1 with someone who can curate a bespoke program or tailored sessions designed to assist with your specific pain points.

There is absolutely no substitute for having someone in your corner to support & encourage you, guide you AND to call you on your bullsh*t. Yup, thats right…. Because there will be bullsh*t!!

When stepping out of your comfort zone, making changes and unpicking limiting beliefs & habits, you better believe that’s when allll of your best excuses will come out. It’s natural. It’s our defence mechanism to resisting change, because change feels scary.

And unless you’re an extremely disciplined person with strong sense of self belief and the will power of a toddler in sweet shop, then making these changes and pursuing your dreams is Hard. Thats right, hard with a capital H. And that’s why so many people give up on their dreams, they quit because it’s hard. Having someone who wants you to win, to keep you accountable and help you overcome the obstacles that crop up on your journey, massively increases your chances of successfully accomplishing your goals .

Are we ever really ready to step of of our comfort zone? Maybe not. Do we get tired of being caught in the same loop and know that the only way to move forward is to step out of our comfort zone?? Absolutely! And this requires commitment.

I believe this is fundamentally the most important requirement when you commit to creating change and you hire a coach. Because a coach is merely a vessel, a facilitator. And the only way coaching works is if you are ready to accept the challenge, do the work and show up for yourself. Not even the best coaches in the world can help you if you’re not committed to creating change and willing to do the work that’s required to get there.

But make no mistake, the work might be hard, the journey might be messy, but the results are beyond rewarding. After all, we only get only get so many trips around the sun and life’s way too short to settle for mediocre or less when you deserve so much more. Once you accept that, you’re half way there!

Coaching isnt for everyone, but if any of these 7 signs resonated with you, then it might just be for you!

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