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Environment & Desire = The 2 Crucial Ingredients that Outweigh Your Circumstances

Around a month ago, whilst rushing around the house in my usual whirlwind autopilot setting, I accidentally ruined a gift from my mother in law. A Lilly that was bought for my birthday a few years back, which blossoms once a year, only to return to a bare bulb until the following spring.

In a spectacular act of phototropism, it had been leaning towards the light. And on one fateful morning, in my desperate hurry to complete my never ending to do list, I had carelessly shot past it, snapping its long stem at the root in the process…

I was devastated.

This bulb had sat dormant for almost a year in its glass jar, only recently showed signs of sprouting life, and was rapidly growing into what was sure to become a beautiful flower.

But not this year it seems.

And yes, I cried actual tears. Because I am THAT person. I was cross with myself for being so careless and sad that this living growing thing was on a remarkable journey to fulfil its destiny, only to have it swiftly cut short by a hurried human.

Despite the fact that I was sure it would die, I couldn’t bring myself to put it in the bin. I of course also being the girl who holds onto bouquets of flowers until they become straw like and paper thin, dispelling faded confetti like petals upon the table.

Instead, I added enough water for the stem to sit in and hoped for the best. And so on with my busyness I continued, the Lilly incident slipping further to the back of my mind as the day past.

Until two weeks later when I noticed that not only had the flower not died. But it had blossomed!

The Tenacious Lilly

I’ve since been in awe of this incredible flower, and its resilience has reminded me of 2 crucial ingredients to success and the entire reason I’m sharing this story with you (because believe it or not the moral of this story isn't simply "Slow down and watch where you're going" although perhaps it ough to be...!)

Your environment and desire to succeed will outweigh your circumstances.

The plant still had light, water and warmth. So it's environment was conducive to it continuing to grow. And its desire did not faulter - the desire was to become the flower it was predestined to become.

Environment. Desire.

These two factors alone were enough to negate the circumstances of me clumsily snapping it - an act that could have easily ended its journey.

So I ask you this - Is your environment providing you with the nourishment you need?

How much time do you take to asses whether or not the environment you are in, is in alignment with where you want to go and what you want to achieve? Do you take into consideration the impact of who you allow into your environment, whether its family and friends, or the accounts you follow on social media, and how their influence has the abilty to enrich your environment, or pollute it?

And do you operate from a place that holds your desires at the very core of your actions?

I don’t pretend to know what your circumstances are, but if you’ve read this far, then know this - Your environment and desire have the potential to outweigh your circumstances.

You are not bound by your circumstances.

Choose your environment wisely.

Focus on what it is you want to achieve, and pour your energy into bringing it to life

And whatever you do, please don't tell my mother in law about the Lilly.....

Hayley x

I hope this article provided some value and inspiration on your journey. You can follow me on socials for more content @hayleyscottsummers. If you'd like to work with me through my 1:1 coaching program then I'd love to hear from you! Simply send me a message me via

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