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3 Quick Ways To Get Unstuck TODAY!!

If you’re feeling stuck right now, you’re not alone!  Without trying to sound like a Debbie downer, summer is over and somehow we’re in the tenth month of year….. meaning any resolutions and goals we made for 2022 now feel like a whole lifetime ago.  Maybe there's a little fatigue starting to kick in or maybe you feel the clock ticking on some of the things you hoped to achieve this year.

Perhaps it’s none of those things,  you can’t quite put your finger on it, you’re just in a season of your life where you’re feeling kinda stuck, frustrated and not quite sure what to do next…

I’m not usually a believer in quick fixes, but there are a few things you can do today to shift your energy, spark inspiration and help you get unstuck without having to wait ages to see results! And what I do believe, is that deep down, we all have the answers we’re looking for.  We just need to provide the right environment for them to become clear.

Do Something Different

We don’t create new feelings, opportunities or circumstances from doing the same old things.  Which means that change can and should be used as a catalyst for creating something new in order to get out of that stuck feeling.

This could be a seemingly small action, such as signing up to a new class that you’ve been thinking about (and actually going!)  or taking up a creative hobby. Or it could be a big bold action, like starting that side hustle that frequently pops into your head. The important bit is actually taking action to do something different.

And whilst we’re here - do something you’ve been procrastinating on. You know, that thing you keep putting off?! We all have a thing!! Tasks that we continually put off take up a lot of mental energy and often leave us feeling drained.  The task itself might not be exhilarating but the sense of relief and accomplishment you feel after it’s done is practically magical!

Change Your Environment

If you’re constantly doing the same things in the same places, you can start to stagnate and feel stuck. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?! But it’s true, so stepping into a new environment, even temporarily, can provide a much needed fresh perspective and feeling.

The beauty of this, is that it doesn’t need to be complicated.  You can create massive shifts in your mindset and your energy simply by walking in nature.  Or if time and finances permit, book a weekend away to somewhere completely new and different from your day to day life.  This isn’t about “running away” to find solutions, it’s about stepping out of your ordinary routine & environment to allow inspiration to flow.

It will do wonders for your soul and offer a sense of clarity that you just won’t find staring at the same 4 walls.

Unplug  & Step Away From Your Phone

It’s hard to gain clarity when you’re constantly bombarded with notifications, updates and seeing what everyone else is doing on social media.

It’s simply not helpful.

Giving yourself time away from all of the noise can be the most wonderful gift when you feel stuck or lost because it creates space and opportunity to think and feel something new, away from all the distractions of the online world.

When we feel stuck, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that we need something monumental to change, but often the smallest things can create the biggest shifts.  Small actions can create a domino effect and lead to even more amazing things in life. If you’re feeling stuck, this is your sign that it’s time to mix things up!  And that frustrated feeling that comes with it? That’s a green light to try something new…

If really hope you found this mini blog post helpful! If you liked it and want more, be sure to follow me on Instagram @HayleyScottSummers or check my podcast Mindset, Mess & Magic over on Apple Podcasts, Google & Spotify

Hayley x

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