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How Coaching Can Help You...

Coaching is rapidly becoming recognised as the go to approach for growing both personally and professionally, and for very good reasons!


From unhealed trauma, confidence and relationship issues to mindset, career development and finding your purpose in life.  Qualified coaches can help you ditch unhelpful behaviours and thought patterns, rewrite your life story and help you in your pursuit to a happier and healthier life.


So if you’re wondering how exactly coaching can help you, I’ve broken it down into the 6 key benefits you can expect from coaching....




A Safe Space To Talk Through Issues & Gain Clarity


Whilst coaches are not therapists, they are bound by duty to uphold a confidentiality agreement.  This creates a safe, non judgmental, space for you to explore your feelings and ideas, whilst working through resistance or trauma responses.  


Often this process can be cathartic.  Once you’ve externally voiced or explored an idea, you can either let it go and continue to explore other ideas or have the freedom to pursue that line of thought without fear of judgement.  


This is hugely beneficial for gaining clarity and insight, two things that are integral to making changes in your life!



To Give You Accountability & Keep You On Track 


Having goals and dreams is easy, it’s actually making them come to life that can be hard.  Whilst there are often a plethora of reasons for this... finances, time and family commitments to name a few, usually the main thing standing in your way, will be yourself.  


Self Love & Mindset Coaches in particular will be able to help you work through any self limiting beliefs before helping you reframe your priorities, perceptions and time.


A coach will not only help you figure out what’s really important for you to work on, they can help keep you focused on your goals and spot any resistance or distractions that are coming up for you.


In other words, no more bullshit excuses!  Only love, actions and a lot less procrastination.


Help You Let Go...


As previously mentioned, the process of being able to explore issues and ideas in a safe non judgmental space, is deeply cathartic.  


It’s really important to note here that Coaches cannot erase pain from your past.  However, a qualified coach, especially one experienced in areas that you’re struggling with, will be able to help you identify and work through any issues, self limiting beliefs, triggers and resistance that may be holding you back.


These are all things that you need to understand in order to let go of negative cycles, painful stories and unhelpful habits.  They can also help you let go of unhelpful beliefs and behaviours and guide you to path that allows you to move forward in life.



Your Very Own Personal Cheerleader    


It’s really quite simple, as Coaches we want you to succeed!  We want to equip you with all the tools you need so you can pursue a life that brings you joy and success.   So you bet your ass that we’re going to be doing everything in  our power too help you achieve the results you want.  


Working with a Coach also ensures that you have at least one person in your life who understands your goal, see’s your obstacles and is rooting for you all the way.  It’s someone who can motivate and inspire you when things feel hard, or even impossible. 


Whilst we’re by your side cheering you on, its important to remember that its a two way relationship.  Coaches can only provide the support, experience, knowledge and understanding required to make quantifiable changes, it’s down to the client to be open and receptive to doing the work.  Just know that when you do, your coach has your back!



A Different Perspective To Help You Think Outside The Box  


When were stuck in a negative loop, or we’re stagnant in our ways,  we don’t always know what steps we need to take in order to make productive, positive changes.  Our vision and priorities can become clouded and finding a way through the fog can feel daunting.  


Looking in from the outside, a coach may be able to offer clear solutions and a different perspective on things.  They can bring experience and knowledge to your journey, helping you to look at issues from different angles to find otherwise hidden solutions.



Help You Progress Faster  


Coaches invest a huge amount of time in learning so that they can grow and help other people grow.  Speaking from my own experience, since the age of 25 (I’m now 34!) every book I’ve read, podcast I’ve listened to, reports and studies I’ve poured over, all led me on to pursue multiple qualifications in the field of coaching.


Coaches who have invested this much time, energy and money into their own personal growth will be able to help you find your way a lot quicker than going it alone.  They don’t have all the answers, but they have been where you are.  They will know where the bumps in the road lie ahead and all the shortcuts that don’t sell you short, along with a whole host of tips and tricks to help you navigate the journey ahead.  


It took me over 10 years to have my “aha” moment at 25, changing my life forever.  But it doesn’t have to take you 10 years!!




As a Self Love & Mindset Coach, my coaching focuses on helping women to work through self limiting beliefs, the inner critic and trauma.  So, some of the points used above lean more towards, but are not exclusive to, the context of personal development.  Regardless of this, there are coaches out there for almost everything and the benefits are quite literally life changing!


If you think coaching could help you, why not book a free discovery consultation with me?  I’d love to hear from you!



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