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A wonderfully powerful 90 minute coaching session that will leave you
feeling excited, inspired & ready to take action! 

Each session is bespoke to you, where you are on your journey right now, what you’re currently struggling with and what you want to achieve.


Depending on the specific areas you want to work on, you’ll gain tools to cultivate self belief, self compassion, build healthy habits, set & achieve your goals and step out of your comfort zone. You’ll also gain insight into what limiting beliefs are blocking you from the life you want and stopping you from taking action along with tools to help you work through this. Discover how to shift your mindset from lack to abundance in order to create the life you truly desire, all the while growing your confidence along the way.


A popular & powerful coaching session that will leave you feeling empowered with a solid action plan to put into motion after every session you book. If you’re stuck & frustrated or lacking in confidence & self belief and you want more from life but have no idea where to begin, this is the session for you!

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​The Power Session is a valuable experience for any woman who can say "Yes!!"

to one or more of these issue's...

  • You lack confidence & self belief​

  • You feel stuck and lost, you don’t know what to do next

  •  You struggle with insecurities​​ and struggle to feel capable or worthy

  • You start with good intentions to make positive changes but never see them through

  • You struggle to manage your time and your goals and you’re not moving forward

  • You know that you want a more fulfilling, happier life but you can't seem to get past old habits & beliefs

  • You’ve consumed all the free online content there is to offer but you’re still not getting the results you want  

  • You're already making big changes and want a little support on your journey

  • You're not quite ready to step out of your comfort zone but you know something has to change...

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