Hi, I'm Hayley!

 and I live in Cambridge with my   blended family of   6... including our   Miniature poodle,   Rocco!

  I grew up on the   South West coast   of England and   I'm most at home   on the beach!   Much like Moana,   the Ocean is a   friend of mine...

BUT before i tell you ABOUT my personal story
why i coach women, let me tell you a little bit
about HOW I COACH...
My Coaching approach

Every session is tailored to your needs and designed to serve you at each stage of your journey.


so no template courses, No stuffy coaching techniques, and absolutely no mediocre  "going through the motions" sessions. 

together we work through the following things to make

real changes in your life:


 self limiting beliefs 

 developing a growth mindset 

 cultivating healthy habits 

 building confidence 

 stepping out of your

 comfort zone 


 goal setting 


i offer in person & online 1:1 coaching sessions for women in Cambridge and all across the uk.

ready to create a life you love?

why i coach women

Hayley x


now, I would love to say that growing up i was that super sparkly, ambitious girl, just oozing confidence & self belief, going after every opportunity and now here i am, showing you how to reach your goals & win at life....


 but this couldn't be further from

the truth! 


And thank goodness, actually.  because, quite honestly, not only does that sound kinda conceited but if you're going to invest in a coach, you want to at least know that on some level they understand how you feel, or have been where you are, right?!

so let's just go with the slightly more awkward but neatly summarized truth...

I was the kid that was constantly "the new girl", due to moving around so much. i was raised in a strict, cult like religion that severely impaired my perception of what was possible or available to me, as a young woman and childhood abuse left me feeling like a victim of life & my circumstances.

i carried this lack of self belief & confidence into my early adulthood, which lead to some questionable life choices, missed opportunities and a pretty fixed mindset.

i had fully subscribed to the stories of my childhood & a set of debilitating self limiting beliefs ...



and a happy, successful life?? That was for other people!!

Until one day, i got curious.


and fed up. fed up with feeling like a victim, fed up with repeating the same negative patterns and wondering why i always felt the way i did, with life never changing...

 basically, i got tired of my bullsh*t and i decided that i wanted more. 



so Over the course of a decade i invested in myself, and in my education.  i became an avid student, hungry for knowledge and seeking answers from people who had overcome far greater obstacles and going on to achieve wonderful things


inspired, And i went on a journey, growing businesses, a beautiful family and cultivating more love, self belief & confidence than i ever imagined possible!!



 now, as a multi accredited coach, It is my   absolute privilege to empower other women   to step out of their comfort zone, give 

 them the tools to cultivate self belief 

 & confidence in order to create a 

 fulfilling & abundant life. 

 if my story sounds familiar to you, and you're struggling to make changes in your life, if you feel stuck, if you lack the confidence and self belief you need to step out of your comfort zone,  then i might just be the coach for you...

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